A new Katzine! The boat issue.

A new Katzine! The boat issue.


My second zine of 2016 is here! (Well, almost. It’s due back from the printers next week, but I’ve listed it in my shops already so feel free to order now if you don’t mind waiting a week for dispatch!)

Subscribers will get their copies as soon as my delivery comes next week.   


This issue starts with a short story called ‘Darkness Falls Again’ – I really enjoyed writing this one. I wrote it during work shifts at the theatre… nothing like long hours sitting doing nothing in a cloakroom to inspire some story ideas! There are also some of my regular features, including my favourite ‘Sergio Talk’ yet. 
When I was in the Applecross Peninsula in Scotland in April, I tweeted/instagramed some sketches of my amazing rental cottage and the scenery as I was drawing them. In this issue of the zine I’ve collected most of my sketches from the trip, several of which I haven’t shown anywhere else yet. There’s also some extra detail I’ve written about each one. 
There’s also an exploration of how I’ve always been obsessed with boats, and some sneak peeks at rough art from my graphic novel!  Below are a few more previews of some of the pages. 
If you’d like to order a copy, you can find the listing on etsy here: 
or on big cartel here:

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