Katzine #2

Katzine #2

It’s Katzine time! Issue #2 is now available to pre-order!


This brand new issue of Katzine is officially launching at ELCAF on the 20th and 21st of this month, but you can pre-order yours now! I’m giving away 8.5×5.5cm stickers with my first 25 orders or new subscriptions!



As you can probably see there’s a wilderness theme to this issue, though there’s lots of other stuff in there too like funny Sergio quotes, fears and loves, and some bits that relate more to the urban jungle than the leafy one. But it was definitely the jungle story that I had the most fun working on… in the comic The Banana Skin I tell the story of the time I got lost in the Guatemalan rainforest with just a mule for company, and it was so much fun to draw. I’m excited about how the pages came out for this one.




There’s also a story dealing with my work commute and my love-hate relationship with London buses:

If you haven’t seen it yet, Katzine is 24 pages, black and white with a colour cover. Comics, writing and drawing… but mostly comics.
It costs £6.50. You can buy it in Gosh Comics and Orbital Comics in London, or OK Comics in Leeds!
Or at my online shops: etsy and big cartel.
There’s also a subscription option so that you can subscribe for a year’s worth of zines and you’ll get them in the post as soon as each issue comes out (which is every 3 months.) Anyone who already has issue one can still subscribe and get issues 2-5!  Subscribers get a 20% discount on the price of four issues.
Issue two is officially out on the 20th of June!
To preorder issue 2 on etsy click here.
To preorder issue 2 via Big Cartel click here (no log-in required)
For subscriptions go to Etsy here or Big Cartel here.


And finally – an update on ELCAF. I’ll now be at ELCAF both Saturday and Sunday! Hope to see you there, or at the Avery Hill Night Before ELCAF/Tillie Walden launch party on the 19th June at Gosh.

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