Plans for 2016 – zines, graphic novel & events

Plans for 2016 – zines, graphic novel & events



I’ve been a little unsure how to plan for this year. I’ve been wanting to get back to my graphic novel project for a while, and I spent December writing up a full script. It will be a whopper – over 200 pages and probably a couple of years’ worth of work.   >_<

I’ve decided that it’s likely I’ll want to start working on it properly this year which left me with a dilemma about what to do with Katzine. I can’t continue to produce four issues a year and also hope to get much done on the graphic novel. I’ve decided that I’ll to drop to two zines a year, and the good news is that issue five is on its way and is due out at the end of this month! Issue 5 will contain the regular features Sergio Talk, Local Business and Fears/Loves. There’s more Highlands travel diary, a story about eagles, a top secret plot and my thoughts on the subject of introversion.

Here are a few sneak peeks!




I’ve also been unsure about whether to continue offering Katzine subscriptions if my output is going to slow down. I already have subscribers who are signed up for the next four issues, so I’ll be in touch with them to see if they’re happy to maintain their subscriptions on a six-monthly instead of a three-monthly basis. I considered stopping taking on new subscriptions until the graphic novel plans are more certain, and just sell the new issues on a single issue basis. But I keep getting enquiries from people about subscribing, so I’ve decided to keep it going. If you’re interested in subscribing, that option is back in my shops here (etsy) and here (big cartel.)

NOW here’s where the two projects will overlap! I plan to start covering the process of creating my graphic novel in Katzine. I personally love reading about people’s processes, and instead of blogging periodically about my progress I thought I could cover it in my zines instead. That’s not to say that Katzine will only contain stuff about the graphic novel from now on… in issue 5 there’s only one double-page spread set aside for it. But I thought it could be an interesting way of combining my two big ongoing projects.

Of course these plans could all change, but that’s where it’s at right now!


I’ve had some lovely Katzine reviews come in recently. Katzine was reviewed on The Quietus alongside some really fantastic other books!

This review on Dirty Rotten Comics was very nice, I particularly liked the line “Here is the voice of a friend caught up in something they love.” Thanks Tom and Jenny for those reviews!

Other news for the year ahead: In May I’m going to be exhibiting at the Toronto Comic Art Festival for the first time! In February and April I’ll be at the DIY Art Markets at EPIC Dalston with the lovely Avery Hill Publishing guys. In June I’ll be exhibiting at ELCAF.

And this Saturday I’m taking part in a panel at the Barbican Library talking about art in comics. There are another two panels looking at the topics of meaning and diversity in comics too – it should be an interesting evening. And now I have to go away to plan a two-minute pitch to give at the start of my panel, and try not to cry because nothing terrifies me more than speaking in public…


Thanks for reading!

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