Second Katzine of 2017!

Second Katzine of 2017!


It’s been a while, but there’s a new Katzine out! At the moment I’m working really hard on my long book project, but I found time to squeeze in a new zine. It will be the last Katzine until my book is finished, so I won’t give a date for the next zine yet… but with this issue all my current subscribers will have had their subscriptions fulfilled allowing me to take a break and focus 100% on the book.

The book is going well, I’m excited about the colour art that I’m doing… and now that I’ve ironed out most of the last kinks in the writing side of things I can just enjoy focusing on final art. At the moment I think some info on the book is going to be made public towards the end of October, so I’ll do another newsletter then to make sure no-one misses it!


This issue of Katzine has a new episode of Sergio Talk, plus a a story about an event that happened when I was visiting Guatemala in 2004. There’s a page about small acts of kindness that can sometimes restore your faith in humanity, and there’s also a ten-page extract from my upcoming graphic novel. My book will be printed larger than Katzine and in full colour, so the extract won’t really give too much away in terms of how it all looks. It’s just a little preview that I’m excited to be able to show at this stage!



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